These terms of use (“Terms of Use”) govern your use of Schibsted’s Self Serve Ad (“SSA”). The websites from time to time connected to SSA (for example will from now on be referred to as the “Websites” and individually a “Website”.

Please note that only companies or other legal entities may use SSA. By accepting these Terms of Use you represent and warrant that you have full authority to bind the company or other legal entity that you represent. The company or the other legal entity that you represent will below be referred to as “you” or the “Advertiser”.

SSA is provided by Schibsted Products & Technology UK Ltd (“Schibsted” or “we”), which is a company within Schibsted Media Group. Schibsted ASA is the parent company for companies with Schibsted Media Group. The Websites are owned by companies within Schibsted Media Group, companies owned wholly or partially, directly or indirectly by Schibsted ASA and companies outside of Schibsted Media Group (the “Company” / “Companies”). For more information about Schibsted Media Group, visit:

Please note that special terms and conditions might apply to the use of the Websites. The special terms and conditions may be presented to you when you are about to enter a Website and, in certain cases, you may need to approve such special terms and conditions to be able to use a SSA at such Website.


SSA is a booking interface for buying targeted advertising (“Ad” or “Ads”) which will be published on the advertising inventory available on Websites connected to SSA . SSA offers you the ability to define your advertising objective and target audience appropriate to you by for example geo-location, category and/or interest and demographic (where available).

You need to have a registered Schibsted account to use SSA. A Schibsted account can be set up here:

Booking terms and conditions

Contents of the Advertisement You undertake to ensure that the Ads booked through SSA are not offensive, do not include any content that can be perceived as obscene, offensive, deceptive or in another way contravene any applicable local law, statute, regulations or other customary rules for advertising, including in the relevant territory targeted by the Ad. As a clarification it is not allowed to use SSA to buy Ads regarding; weapons, illegal products, services or materials or any services, products or materials concerning or relating to obscenity, pornography or similarly adult-themed material, alcohol or products and services related to alcohol.

If Schibsted or the Company find that the contents of the Ads risk being in contravention of the above, Schibsted is entitled to refuse publication of such contents. Such refusal may take place without the prior consent of the Advertiser, but Schibsted shall promptly inform the Advertiser of the measure.

If Schibsted or the Company incur any loss through the Advertiser’s breach of the above section, the Advertiser shall compensate Schibsted and/or the Company so that Schibsted and/or the Company is held harmless.

The Ads shall contain such information about the Advertiser so that the viewer easily can determine the Advertiser’s identity and be able to contact the Advertiser. A generally known trademark or trade name symbol may be used instead of name, trade name or abbreviation thereof.

Ads regarding gambling It is not permitted to purchase Ads which contain references to or promotions for services or products related to gambling, betting or lotteries in any Website made available to Norway that is connected to SSA. In other territories where such Ads are lawful, the Advertiser is responsible for, and must ensure, that any Ads for gambling businesses or products and services related to gambling are not violating the following rules and guidelines.

Such Ads shall: be clearly marked as advertisement clearly indicate sponsor contributions, for example “branded content” be clear, easy to understand, factually correct and by design be restrained as regards to bonuses-, spins- and welcome offers.

Such Ads shall not: be directed to minors contain any statements that indicates gambling being a solution to social and financial problems encourage excessive gambling state anything that might mislead the consumers regarding the chances of winning contain any statements that gambling comes without risks contain gender discriminating statements highlight individual winners without documented facts contain any offers about gambling on credit.

In addition to the above Schibsted will under no circumstances tolerate Ads regarding gambling that contains any statements of bonuses, free-spins or deposit guarantees.

Schibsted´s responsibilities

Schibsted is responsible for placing Ads on the date and in the place that is agreed and that it otherwise takes place in a professional manner and with such care and insight that can be expected.

Use of SSA

Lawful use You are responsible and liable for ensuring that all use of SSA takes place in accordance with these Terms of Use as well as any applicable law and generally accepted practices in any relevant territory.

Violating these Terms of Use If it transpires that your use of SSA has been in violation of these Terms of Use or where Schibsted has reasonable cause to believe that such violation has taken place, Schibsted reserves the right to shut down or temporarily block your access to SSA immediately and without prior warning.

Accessibility SSA may from time to time be wholly or partially inaccessible due to system maintenance or other reasons. As soon as possible, we will provide you with information about any limitations on accessibility. However, under no circumstances will Schibsted be liable for any consequences or damage resulting from your inability to use SSA in the intended manner.


These Terms of Use become valid after you have accepted them in connection with your use of SSA and are valid for as long as your Ads are published on the chosen Website(s).

A Party is entitled to terminate these Terms of Use if: a) the other party is in material breach of its undertakings under these Terms of Use and does not rectify such, where such is possible, within fourteen (14) days of being required in writing to do so by the other party, or (b) the other party being declared bankrupt, entering into company restructuring proceedings, suspending its payments, entering into composition negotiations, enters into liquidation or otherwise can be deemed to be insolvent.

Compensation and payment

You undertake to pay compensation to Schibsted for Ads bought through SSA in accordance with the price list as it applies at any given time. The price will be presented to you in the SSA interface.

Payment is always made through your registered credit card. Your card will be charged with the agreed amount and you will receive an invoice with your purchase details specified.

You are responsible to account for VAT in accordance with the laws and other regulations of the country you are registered in. The invoice will be issued to you without UK VAT (export sale 0%). You should self-assess VAT pursuant to the reverse charge method regulated by the rules in the country in which you are registered. Provided that you only conduct VAT liable activities, the self-assessed VAT should be reported as both output and input VAT in the same VAT return creating a mere reporting obligation with no cash flow effects.

Intellectual property rights

Schibsted, or Schibsted’s licensor, holds the intellectual property rights to text, images, designs, and other material and information made available to you through SSA and to the underlying program code for SSA. Such material and information may not be used in any manner other than within the scope of normal use of SSA.

You are responsible for ensuring that any material (text, images, video, music, and so on) that you make available through SSA (in an Ad or in any other way) does not violate any third party intellectual property rights and that it does not violate any statute or general accepted practice. For example, the material itself and making it available should not violate copyright or trademark law.


A party (you or Schibsted) that causes, by way of breach of the provisions in these Terms of Use, the other party loss is liable to compensate such party for the direct loss it thereby suffers. Compensation for indirect loss is not payable provided breach is not intentional or by way of gross negligence.

Notwithstanding the above you agree that if an ordered Ad cannot be inserted or has been inserted incorrectly and this is due to Schibsted, the Company or circumstances on Schibsted or the Company´s side Schibsted´s liability is limited to new a new Ad corresponding to the cost of the Ad that couldn't be inserted or that was inserted incorrectly.

Schibsted Data Policy

You undertake to comply with Schibsted Data Policy for advertisers (the “Data Policy”) from time to time presented at the following link: Breach against the Data Policy constitutes a material breach and gives Schibsted the right to terminate these Terms of Use in accordance with section “Term” above.


You hereby approve that the agreement you have entered into with Schibsted by accepting these Terms of Use may, without your consent, be assigned to another company which is wholly or partially, directly or indirectly, owned by Schibsted ASA, or to a third party in connection with an asset sale or business sale which includes SSA.

Transfer of data

By using SSA you acknowledge and accept that personal data provided in connection with your use of SSA might be processed by third parties located outside the EU/EES.


These Terms of Use shall be governed by and construed in accordance with the laws of Norway.

Any dispute, controversy or claim arising in connection with this Agreement or the breach, termination or invalidity thereof, shall be finally settled by the courts of Norway.

How to contact us

If you have questions please contact us at:

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